We welcome you to our unique & immersive DIGITAL ART EXPERIENCE here at the Berlin Club Festival!

Below you'll first find our comprehensive guide on how this experience works.


Once you've worked your way through these steps, we're happy to invitve you to our mesmerizing immersive art experiences in Augmented Reality by some incredibly talented designers.

In order to immserve yourself in our Augmented Reality experience, you will first need to download Adobe Aero (for free) - currently this is only available for iOS unfortunately. 

As a next step you'll need to create a free account at Adobe - which you can easily do in the App. We recommend you to sign in with Apple sign-in, since you'll stay in control of your personal information and can super easily log in and out.

Now the fun can begin :D With the App installed and your account logged in, simply scan one of the QR codes below to enter the respective digital art experience.  (If you cannot scan the QR code, simply click on the link below)

Follow the instructions in the App and scan your surrounding surface - once the App has indentified an even surface you can click anywhere on the grid and set an "anchor". 

Now simply enjoy the experience ❤️



julie-dies-das (1) QR Code.png

Julie Kechter

Sarah Alice QR Code.png

Sarah Alice Rabbit

Digital Art Experience QR Code.png

Floating Jellyfish