Gretchen is Berlin's number one club for contemporary club music and left field beats. Just opened in October 2011, but ran by the former heads of the legendary Icon club, the club is already well-known, far beyond Berlin borders. Gretchen stands for great sounds and high ranking international bookings. The programme reflects the complexity of current musical trends. All from Electronica, Bass, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Trap, IDM, Elektro, Glitch to Experimental, Avantgarde, HipHop, Funk, Soul, Folk, Afrobeats, Jazz and Worldmusic. Quality of musical genres and artists are most important - not limited imagination, bigotry or boredom. Gretchen represents Berlin, gives a platform to national and international artists, their labels, but also to newcomers. Gretchen is electronically to unplugged, presents DJ sets and live concerts.