The Bulbul moved into the premises of the legendary club Farbfernseher in 2019. Bulbul stands for several things: a Danish watch brand, a Bengali cricketer, the Persian name for birds from the nightingale family, and is the name of the founder. The nightingale adorns the logo. "A bird that sings when others are silent". During the week Bulbul is a bar, on weekends it is in the tradition of the Farbfernseher and is a club. The team running the Farbfernseher threw in the towel after 10 years in the wake of a rent increase. A classic about club death in Berlin. The Bulbul is characterized by special line-ups: between disco house to electro, techno and minimal, a whole lot of ethno flair and resonates with influences from Arabic, tribal Afro. In addition, there are small concerts, art exhibitions and is open also to drum sessions, which give the Bulbul its very own musical and artistic touch, which can be found rarely in Berlin.