Awareness Area

If you feel insecure , observe cross-border behavior or are affected by it yourself, screenshot the incident and contact us directly (right here). Our team is there for you!


Why is awareness necessary?


Awareness work aims to ensure that everyone present, regardless of origin, gender or social status, feels as comfortable as possible and is given the opportunity to regain concrete power to act if borders are crossed. This is possible for all events in which a large group of different individuals come together - both in real life, at concerts, festivals and demos, as well as online.


In order to make these rooms as safe as possible, more and more organizers are organizing awareness teams that are accessible to those affected by any attacks. Events, chat rooms and streams thus become safer spaces. The point at which a person feels "safe" or "unsafe" is at the discretion of the person concerned. This opens up a space for everyone present to perceive, reflect and respect both their own and the different boundaries of others.


This way of dealing with border crossings (eg sexual harassment or racist comments) can reveal power structures and inequalities within society.


How does awareness work?

As part of the awareness work, the on-site awareness team provides support work for those affected by border crossings. Awareness works at the interfaces of production, security and communication (e.g. social media).


The concept offers an approach to sensitize team and visitors for a non-violent coexistence and to enable social participation for all people.


What do we do exactly?


We are always available for you and will do everything to ensure that you can move around our festival without worry. The main thing is that you decide which steps we take next and what is good for you. We will try to support you with various offers and options.


If you have the need to talk about the incident, notice inappropriate behavior on one of the floors or have another concern about awareness, you can write us a message. Our awareness team will be happy to answer all questions about awareness and make an appointment with you for a personal support interview by video chat or phone if you need more support due to an unpleasant situation. We handle your experiences with absolute confidentiality.

The Awareness Team will check the mailbox regularly from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m and will always get back to you within the next 2 hours (or the next day if you write an email at night).


If your concerns need immediate support, you can contact the following:

(Emergency telephone for victims of homophobic / trans-hostile attacks of any kind, every day from 6 to 9 p.m.)

(Emergency telephone for those affected by sexist attacks of any kind, every day from 12 to 8 p.m.)

(Advice center for those affected by hate comments, Monday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., Thursday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.)

(Reporting office for right-wing agitation / comments on the net)

"Report Hate" app from Reconquista Internet

(Reporting office for those affected by hate comments, available on the App Store)

(HelpDesk with lots of information and contacts for those affected by digital violence)

We thank U*Night from the bottom of our heart for helping us to create this essential aspect of our digital festival <3