These are the incredible artists who fill our festival with live, love and passion. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow  & support your artists ❤️

Aconite (VJ)

Art Bei Ton

ACONITE is a Berlin-based Italian visual artist with a background in set design, fashion photography, and music/art videography.
His performances take inspiration from the Nature mixed with a minimal aesthetic made of lines and poisonous glitchy atmospheres. He is also part of the project TETRA and ATMOS.

Alek Sis

Ape with a gun


Mitmischen Crew

Lang geschürftes Trance Gold ist die Lieblingswährung des Betriebswirts. Von 140 BPM bis 160 BPM tobt er sich am liebsten mit 90s Bangern aus. Außerdem HEAD OF MANAGEMENT bei Mitmischen.


Bambule Kollektiv

Boxenschlampe is a DJane based in Berlin and Beijing. She plays Funky House and Nu Disco.




Chris K.


DJ Chris.k is a talented singer, producer and DJ.

In 2009 DJ Chris.k was known as a professional dancer, who competed with his crew at famous championships. Five years later he started his DJ career and by now he is one of the best known DJ’s in Europe still ambitious to become one of the best worldwide. He plays in various venues and with different artist on stage.

While his dj-ing is successfully working he started to produce beats for artists including himself. The first step for his music career was made. His debut EP "Premier Etage" was published in 2018. His music pushed his career to another level and extended his fanbase. He dropped various Singles like „MABUKA“ and „TATA“ and featured different international artist. From there on he was not only known as an international DJ but a singer and producer. Right now he is working on different projects such as a new EP, his own events and more. Be sure that you will hear even more from DJ Chris.k.

Christopher Kono


When the Berlin born Christopher Kono plays, you can expect tasteful selections and genre mixes from melodic techno to deep techno.

DJ Bobo 2

Fäncy Leipzig

DJ Jauche


Oliver Marquardt
(DJ Jauche / Jack Flash / Robin Masters Orchestra / Machomovers / Rockford Inc.)
Born in East Berlin, Oliver Marquardt was first inspired to become a DJ when the 1984 Break Dance Film "Beat Street" permeated the city's isolated music scene. Equally influential was the dance music he listened to broadcasted from West Berlin radio.
After closely following these new music styles - hip hop, acid house etc - Oliver bought his own pair of turntables in 1989.
This was right after the Berlin wall came down, providing fertile soil for the city's new underground music scene to take roots and by the following year Oliver was organizing his own techno parties.
Although his illegal warehouse parties (complete with 50k watt laser lights) were noteworthy in themselves, Oliver forged ahead as one of the first german DJs to establish a nationwide presence. DJ Jauche, as he is known, began a residency at Berlin's legendary „Walfisch“ Club. Also he played regularly at many other Berlin Underground Clubs.


Radikon | Steyoyoke

Melancholia and pure dance floor energy are the protagonists in Dahu’s raw brand of electronic music. Since his first ep in 2012, the Berlin producer has released a string of tracks that have garnered him a reputation for uncompromising originality and haunting emotion. Productions are few and far between, but hit with a calculated force born from years of pushing musical boundaries. To date, Dahu has played hundreds of shows on four continents and is set to release his EP ‚Into Oblivion‘ on his home label Radikon on April 2nd, 2021.


Mitmischen Crew

Dannys Set sind groovy, psychedelic und deep. Eine Mischung aus lange Blends und schnelle Cuts zeichnen ihn aus.

Dennis Rema

Symbiotikka/Oscuro Music

1994, Dennis Rema was born in Berlin an he is an open-minded and lifelike person. He has been in the techno scene in Berlin for 4 years, and since his first rave he knew he wanted to stay and evolve in this scene. He had a laptop and a controller and he practiced at home for hours. At first he loved minimum. But then it got very monotonous. So he decided to stay at the same tempo just with more melodic parts in the tracks. Finally, he applied to the contest of the former Maria (Magdalena Club) "Junge Wilden" with success. He was allowed to play the last slot on the Mainfloor, so a dream came true to him. Because he won the contest he worked as a Resident at the Magdalena. Now he works as a resident DJ for the successful Wednesday party "SYMBIOTIKKA" in Berlin and is the booker & Organizer of the young party project called "Somebodies.Child".


Eli Pavel


Eli Pavel ist DJ mit Leib und Seele und liebt Musik aus allen Kulturen dieser Welt. Sie steht regelmäßig hinter den Decks im Gretchen und kuratiert außerdem die wöchentlichen Spotify-Playlisten des Berliner Clubs.

Felix Anton


felix anton is an upcoming house deejay spreading his love for real house music.
He brings his own soulful approach, as well as his passion for rhythmic patterns is in his sets. He is part of the SEV collective and regularly plays in Berlins clubs & bars.



Starting DJ-ing in 2016 as a part of a duo, Flotto decided to go on making music as a solo artist. Over the years changed his formerly groovy sound transformed into punchy, dark Techno with it's rich kicks and driving melodies.



Attracted by dark ecstatic atmospheres FreeBoy´s sound, which often layers industrial noises over breakneck Techno rhythms, is uncompromising, cathartic and will take you deep into a post-death experience.

Gianni Noel

Gianni Noel is the dark beating heart of KANVAS’s techno sound. His recent Dark Techno and Acid productions are are certified dancefloor killers. When he is behind the decks at a rave, or tearing up the speakers at Christa Kupfer, his sound only makes you feel the raver deep inside you.


Art Bei Ton

Berlin based DJ from Japan.

Halada is one of Japan’s true underground techno player. Hypnosis,
diverse and driven are three words that are consistently used when
speaking of Halada and all traits are apparent in his energetic and
unique sound.




Julian Theisen

Julian Theisen, open air organiser and DJ, has let people dance into a trance for the last 4 years. With appearances at Camp Tipsy’s infamous Naktbar, a weekly residency at the now closed “Now Berlin”, B6112, and many open air raves, his sound is specially crafted to take you away into the night. In the last year, he has brought out his new refreshed sound with elements of Trance, Techno, EBM and Acid.


Lady Bird

Born in Vienna / Austria in the 80ies LadyBird grew up with Jungle, Drum ́n Bass and 2Step on the one hand and on the other hand was influenced by the vienna downtempo style from Kruder & Dorfmeister. In early 2000 her student job was DJing and she continued djing on radio shows. On a trip to London in the early 2000 she was exposed to the UK Dance Music - since then she is hooked on Dance- and House Music. Since 2009 she is influenced by the Berlin Club scene and actually spotted on House, Techno, Bass, Garage, Footwork and DnB with a lot of Soul and Funk inside! No Genres No Boarders. Be curious!!


Habe wurzeln in Berlin, bin in Stuttgart aufgewachsen und jetzt seit zwei Jahren wieder in Berlin. Ich bin gründer des Abryssrecords Kollektiv, welches zwar noch in den Startlöchern steckt aber nicht untätig ist und da wir uns nicht präsentieren dürfen auf Veranstaltungen und in Clubs, versuchen wir es jetzt auf dem Online weg. Unser Kollektiv besteht bis jetzt aus Mariam und Ossi die die ebenfalls als Mitbegründer zählen. Wir haben vor unsere durch unsere Musik leute zum Tanzen zu bewegen und dem ganzen rumgehocke vorerst ein wenig Abwechslung zu bieten. Musikstile sind breit gefächert aber eigentlich alles technoid, meißtens Oldschool also Acid, Hardtrance aber auch viele neue Banger. Bei uns im Studio wird fleißig aufgelegt und auch immer mehr produziert.

Lisa Filou

Ram Schackl / Mystic Tales

Lisa Filou’s colorful and hypnotic deep house and dark disco sound enchants you with moody basslines, melodic breaks and some quite nasty drops. Her approach to making music is very sensitive and thoughtful which is why her sets take you on a rollercoaster of emotions every time.

Lizzy Loba



Manu Ela



With her you will think and feel, and she will help you dance. Raised in Georgia and based in Berlin since a few years where she has finely tuned her skills in musical production, Marianna knows about solitude, and she knows about music. She knows about how the two collide in a love for the self, and for other humans that surround. Take spacious, techno and feed it with oriental influence and create something that creates and connects thoughts and feelings. Her music combines the melancholic, immersive feeling typical of Berlin techno with striking vocals and dips into Eastern soundscapes that speak of her origins, her perspective and passion for mixing, bringing together people and cultures as much as tracks of music. This is techno that invites us to know all of the things that we can know, and perhaps love, about the stranger dancing next to us in the crowd.


Mo is a Berlin DJ with the Status of a Veteran .



MonoAbe is blessing us with a colorful mix of drums, shakers, claves and dance moves. With his profound knowledge on drumming and experience as a touring musician, MonoAbe’s DJ performances offer a hybrid experiment between hypnotic afro beats and explosive live solos. The music selection he puts together contain a lot of tribalism, vocals and soul harmonies, that will for sure put a big smile on your face and will make you dance until the sun rises.

Moses Yofee Trio








Growing up in Berlin, OELEX has been influenced by various music and from all over the world which eventually made him fall in love with Berlin's diverse club culture. After exploring events all over the city, OELEX developed a deep rooted passion for electronic music and the collective dance experience. He quickly became part of the local music scene by DJing and organizing events ( and working in one of Berlin's biggest clubs). Nowadays he shares his experience by curating music on music platforms like DIT KLINGT JUT and enchanting dancefloors with his melodic and energetic song selection.

Oskar Nebe

Hi my name is Oskar and iam 21 years old. After the wall falls my parents moved in the 90s to Berlin. A bit later I was born. When I growd up I was all the time pretty close to the punk and rock Szene. When I discovered Techno music I was seventeen. I wanted to know more about this crazy music so I borrowed a DJ Controller from a fiend and started with my first mixes. I startet mixing with a good friend at the beautiful Mellowpark directly at the Spree River. With eighteen we startet the first Projekt Vitamin. Every second month we celebrated a Kollektiv Party in a underground Club of Berlin. The Projekt Vitamin ends after a long time and a lot of unforgettable days und nights. I play what i love !

Pascale Voltaire

Tanzgemeinschaft | NXTOU | Berlin ist Techno

It all started in 2002 when Pascale was only 10 years old. The other kids would
still try and fail at singing along with Las Ketchup’s “Ketchup Song”, while
Pascale already developed a taste for electronic music. DJ Tomcraft’s banging
“Loneliness” EP was the record that set fire to Pascale’s passion for electronic
music – a passion that would soon become love.
Despite of his dedication to House and Techno Pascale swam through a sea of
genres like Rock, Punk and Hip Hop before settling for electronic music once
and for all in 2007. There has been no turning back since. House and Techno
became his best friends, always by his side, always on his mind. His library grew
with every day that passed and his desire to be the person that would stand
behind the DJ decks grew even faster.
2009 was the year it would finally happen – he and a friend formed a DJ team
and played their first gigs in Berlin. Inspired by the nightlife’s energy and
diversity, Pascale started his solo project “Pascale Voltaire” in 2013 and has been going strong ever since. His excellent instinct for the vibe on the dance-
floor and his ability to read crowds soon gained him a reputation among club

owners and promoters. International gigs, his residencies at the famous
Madgalena Club and the distinguished party promoter “Berlin ist Techno” are
just a few of his recent achievements.
Pascale’s energetic sets have opened stages for the likes of Booka Shade,
Victor Ruiz, Patrice Bäumel, Oxia, D-Nox & Beckers and many more. His sound
is known to enthuse both national and international audiences and has gained
him a well deserved popularity in the techno scene.


Nikolai is a very positive and happy person who often can't help but boogie with the crowd and show his joy for music. His music is rather a contrast to his personality with dark and trippy sounds, dragging you on the dancefloor. Every set he's playing takes you on a journey and even though it's mostly downtempo, he knows how to build tension and get you going.



Celebrating the arrival of the new year, between mountains and rivers in the south of the world this duo was born. Coming from different backgrounds, Rakäthe and FENU create a symbiosis that will take you on a journey through music and love.


Peace on Earth/Rausch&Flausch

Roko [ʀɔk:o] is well known for his* outgoing nature and diverse taste in music aka not giving flying f*cks about genre borders. As a dancer of unconscious dreams, Roko's essence is mirrored in projects of cross-disciplinary art and unconditional freedom. When not in the studio, he* meditates or climbs lost places.



A new age hippie who has traveled continents to assimilate various distinct sounds, he is as diverse in his musical styles as he has travelled far and deep both physically and mentally.

Taking influences from his environments and his deep love for a wide range of music, the trained producer branched out into various genres, taking the essence of what he felt resonated most with him in that given genre and re-applying it into a different context and character. He created two different projects mainly infused by Deep / Dark / Hypnotic & Acid sounds. One of them is:

SYNESTHES!A - traveling through the faster moving realms of dance music.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses. Synesthesia comes from the Greek words: "Synth" (meaning together) and "Ethesia" (meaning perception).

The more freedom he is given to experiment and try out new things, the happier he is, forging together a mix of sounds which will surprise your senses and make you perceive music in a whole new light.


Disco Bizarre / KitKat Club

Shimanski is...
... no smoky mustache, but the disco music that has come alive.
Growing up in Berlin, shaped by a dancing mother and a bass-intensive dad (bass player for the Puhdys), the music means EVERYTHING from an early age.
At the age of five, the keys of a piano were already sensitively operated, at the age of 12 the drum sticks and a drum kit were added.
The legendary university entrance qualification was successfully completed at a music high school in 2011, only to make the dance floors of the mother city unsafe afterwards.
Shimanski is ...
...groove to your heart. Initially still in techno garb, today Shimanski enchants the dance crowd with music, back to the roots. Disco, funk, house characterize the sound and let the socks glow.
Shimanski is...
... a musical experience and shows how great the love of music can be.

Sorah (live)

I am Sorah, rapper and singer based in Berlin ! I bring raw conscious rap with a clear message and lyrics in english, french and german. Nique la Police!, Fight the Patriarchy!, Down with exploitation and oppression and into a self-organized life. With the right amount of attitude, I try to reflect on the fucked up capitalist society we live in and make sure we lash out our energy through my music ! Intare and I realeased our album ''Frontlines'' in November go check it out !

Space In Your Face


In the name of all things speedy, DJ Fl0cke and DJ Smau from Tonträger, are teaming up to make your hearts race on the dance floor.


dj stanislas (steppaz convention) dj and promoter. when it comes to drum&bass this is your man! one of the key players in berlin drum&bass circus for a decade. CIRCUS ! sharp and perfect mixes, early morning mash up garantee. styles: jungle, drum+bass, breakbeat.

The Relative Zero

Rave for Good

The Relative Zero is an Electronic Music Producer/ DJ proudly representing Berlin, Germany and Boulder, Colorado USA. Specialising in the production of melodic-techno, The Relative Zero combines classical chord progressions with contemporary electronic sound design, creating unique tracks that tell a story to each listener.

Till Eifert

Kollektiv Waldblöße

Kollektiv Waldblöße organiser, and family member, Till Eifert is a regular face on the Underground scene in Berlin. His work in organising and helping in parties around Berlin has led to his love for music and the scene developing into the beginnings of a DJ career.


Mitmischen Crew

Piercing steadily into the new dark age torso (2K) combines classic tunes with modern takes. By blending various sub-genres the Luxembourg native tries to create a fuller sound. Reminiscing about older times, even rather old videogame osts or remixed post hardcore songs make a good fit for his sets. Each sound or pace designating a specific mood or emotion. There s no right or wrong track selection as long as a song hailing from a specific genre fits the vibe.


Concrete Berlin/Rausch&Flausch

Uncnsrd is a group of DJs and producers raised in Berlin that quickly decided to get highly involved in the techno scene. Their DJ career led them to perform at big Berlin venues such as Griessmühle, H13 or Humboldthain. Their style of techno can be described as uplifting, ravy, raw and melodic, influenced by big artists such as Perc, Truss, Dax J and more.



𝙐𝕣𝙗𝕟𝙈𝕠𝙬𝕘𝙡𝕚 is a Berlin based music producer, DJ and sound-designer who's ultimate drive is to create timeless moments, to make people move and think. On paper he's German - American with Haitian decent but has the soul of a worlds man. Residenting at Berlins infamous Jonny Knüppel and being part of SEV collective he is clearly forming his path in the Berlin electronic music scene. Since his first official release in 2018 he has been active in releasing his own music on labels around the globe such as "Welofi" "clipp_art" and "Bipolar Disorder Rec." to name a few. Now he started his own lable "Emotional Voyage Records" with "Moodrich" which quest is to release emotional underground dance music in all its forms. Blending House, Break Beat/Elektro with acid and Rave, he managed to find and create his own unique style while remaining true to his roots and machines. Described as soul-fu(l)nk dark, melodic future-surrealistic and forward grooving he's capable to transport his listeners far away. He stands for a sound inspired from the unknown and the quest of happiness and fulfillment through emotions in time.



Former drummer, VBK builds her own universe focusing on dark and hypnotic sounds within a precise and agonizing techno. With atmospheric and rhythmic themes, her mixes are a mental adventure.

Based in Berlin, she has already played alongside artists like Claudio PRC, Setaoc Mass, Blazej Malinowski, Joachim Spieth, Jacopo, A Sacred Geometry, Eric Fetcher, Stef Mendesidis, Newa and many more. VBK mixes a percussive techno she can relate to.

Founder of Underrated Agency, VBK seeks to highlight underrated talents and share a new vision of techno music.

Yael (live)

Hineingeboren in eine monokulturell geprägte Nachbarschaft kamen mit dem Älterwerden Fragen zur eigenen Identität und die Suche nach Zugehörigkeit. Durch das Fehlen von schwarzen Vorbildern in ihrer direkten Umgebung fing Yael an sich stark mit schwarzen Personen im Fernsehen, vor allem im Entertainment- und Musikbereich zu identifizieren, und fand schließlich in der HipHop Kultur etwas, indem Sie sich als Heranwachsende wiederfinden konnte. Die HipHop Bewegung, ihre Themen und dass selber Musik machen wurde so Ausdruck und Sprachrohr persönlicher Gefühl