The days are finally getting longer again and the cold winter is slowly leaving us.. Warm sunshine kisses our eager faces… Our hearts and bodies long for happiness and a feeling of unity with each other…

To properly welcome the summer in all its splendor and to get you excited for what's to come, we have teamed up with an incredible group of collectives, labels and clubs to bring you the quintessence of Berlin club feeling right into the comfort of your homes, balconies, roofs, gardens, parks, saunas and everywhere you’ll be able to join us from 🔥

This truly extraordinary digital festival puts the essence of our musical endeavour and soul into an unforgettable one day event on the 3rd of April - the Berlin Club Festival 🎉

You will be able to explore the whole Club festival through this digital festival venue, complete with an interactive-responsive festival map, incredible musical floors, a virtual dancefloor, a chill interactive social area and an immersive digital art experience 🌈

All for free, non-commercial and purely donation based - with the donations we support Doctors Without Borders & Berlin Collective Action ️❤️️

We are beyond excited to celebrate this day together with you, to feel united and to share our passion for our incredible Berlin club culture 🙏

You want to get to the interactive festival area as quick as possible?

Then simply click on the button below!

To explore our interactive festival area, simply click on the map below! Over 25 interactive destinations wait to be discovered by you.


We are thrilled to have such a diverse and incredible line up of talented artists, who will take you on mesmerizing auditive journeys. 


1-800-Disco / Aconite (VJ) / Agonie / Alek Sis / Andreas Henneberg / Anna Erhard / Annett Gapstream / Ape with a gun / Arlenys /  Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek’ / Behring / Beth Lydi / Betriebswirt / Blitzer & Glitzer / Blunaa / Bobby Rausch / Boxenschlampe / BSÍ / C2C aka Die Clara's / Cadih / Cecilia Tosh / Chacho / Chloe cree / Chris K. / Christian Kuhlmann / Christopher Kono / connyconolly / Creti / Dahu / Dalee / Danny / DE.fine / DE.fine / Delfonic / Dennis Rema / Die Rote Dora / DJ Bobo 2 / DJ Emerson b2b DJ Thunderpussi / Dominik / Ecke / elec / Eli Pavel / Falk Rhode / Felix Anton / Fenu b2b Rakäthe / Flotto / fodie j. / Franz Salzmann / Freeboy / Gianni Noel / Gray Contrast / Halada / Hyper Hugo / Immersiv b2b Becka:e / Ina Kacz / Ina Kacz B2B VBK / Ivonne b2b Konni / Jan Taubmann / Jauche / Joshua Liebe / Julian Theisen / Kasia Gościńska / Kaspar Krug / Kataya / Kø:Lab / Lady Bird / Lasse Tanzn / LEA / Lines / Linko / Lisa Filou / lisa luka / Lisa Thaens / Lizzy Loba / LouiT / Loxodon_prism / Luke At Me / Maltesar / Manu Ela b2b / Marcel Machedanz / Mariam / Matze Spitta / Mav Stone / Max Weiss / Memo. / Michael Gubaew / Mo / Moms on Acid / MonoAbe / Moog Conspiracy / Moses Yofee Trio / Nanno / NasNan / Natalie Greffel / Neo / NikVegas / Núria / OELEX / Olek / Oskar Nebe / Pabel / Pablo / PAPUPA / Pascale Voltaire / Paul Polter / Picassi / Point no Point / Pshiuu / R4LLI / raphi_onny cho / Richard Ullrich / Roko / Sabrina Mue / Saeuer / Shimanski / SKALA / Soniq / Sorah (live) / Soul Button / Space In Your Face / Spiral jf / Stanislas / Stiefel One / SYNESTHESIA / The Relative Zero / Thomas Freudenthal / Till Eifert / Topmodel / Torso2k / Trixter / Udontsay / UNCNSRD / UrbnMowgli / Ute Ungewiss / VBK / Venator / Wanda Wild / Yael (live) / Yanakuna / Yves Meyer / Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange / Ätna / ˈtat͜sə

Digital Art Experience

During our festival you will have the unique opportunity to explore some incredible designer's work in an immersive Augmented Reality experience. 



Do you feel like having a really nice souvenir and want to do something good at the same time?


Then get our limited supporter ticket for a donation of only 10 €! With this you support Doctors Without Borders and Berlin Collective Action <3


In order to combine the digital with the analog, we have prepared a package full of beautiful things for you - a real festival ribbon made of fabric, our spacey festival cover as high-quality print outs, as well as beautiful stickers and of course a portion of good karma 🌈


25% of the amount goes to Doctors Without Borders, 25% to Berlin Collective Action and 50% to Dies | Das  (to cover printing costs, shipping, technical infrastructure, etc.)


These are the wonderful collectives who make this unique experience possible. To learn more about them simply click on their logo!



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What would a Club festival without these incredible locations? To learn more about them, just click on the logos below and find more information, as well as ways to support them in these difficult times!

Ritter Butzke



Salon zur Wilden Renate



Alte Münze







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